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Thankful for Camo and Coffee

By November 13, 2017No Comments

Over the weekend I heard a message on gratitude and peace. The pastor giving the message said something like, “unconfessed gratitude often is the thing that is stealing your peace.” 

Even if it seems silly and unimportant, just beginning to be grateful can change your attitude for the day and usher in more peace. So while this post may not be mind blowing, this is what I am thankful for today.  

Today I am thankful for Camo and Coffee.  

When the fall season began a few weeks ago, my son and husband began waking up early to go sit in the deer stand. 

My son Cade wants to be in the stand by 5:45 am because that is apparently when the deer want him there as well. My husband takes him to the deer stand most mornings, but my boys do not leave the house as quietly in the mornings and ususally require my help in finding a camo item of some sort so they can go hunt.  

My youngest daughter Corrie has even taking a liking to Camo and is just too cute to not share. 

Back to being grateful though, these early morning hunting trips are the reason coffee and I have been getting along so well. It’s cold outside and on those early mornings a cup of hot coffee helps me to wake up and puts me in the right frame of mind to start my day. 

So why in the world would I be thankful for these simple things you wonder? Well, when my boys get dressed in camo and spend time in the woods I think it is like therapy for them. I’d much rather them be in the woods, enjoying the silence and peace nature has to offer than in front of a screen. They get plenty of screen time, but there is something therapeutic about going to the woods. Especially for boys and men.

I am not a coffee snob and pretty much like all kinds. It’s the cup of warmth that brings me joy as I read a good book or my Bible early in the mornings. 

So what about you? Are you or the boys in your family into hunting?

How about coffee? Are you into coffee or hot tea? What brand do you prefer? I am open to trying new brands and flavors. 

I know this may not be anything profound or life changing, but my prayer is that after reading this post it will get you thinking of ways to express gratitude for the simple things in your life as well.



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