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Stay in your lane. – Paige Eavenson
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Stay in your lane.

By June 13, 2017June 15th, 2017No Comments

When you travel, especially on a road trip, it’s imperative that you stay in your own lane. If you lose focus and drift to the left or to the right you can quickly get in a lot of trouble. If there happens to be a car on either side of you you’ll either hit them or they will give you some not so nice looks and gestures as you pass by and get back in your own lane.

I’ve gotten to take a lot of road trips over the past few years of my life and I’ve learned a lot of great practical tips but what I want to share with you who are reading this is a lesson I am still in the process of learning.

In life, we must all stay in our own lane.

The older I get the more I am convinced we each have a calling, a purpose and a direction our lives are meant to head towards. Of course there are lots of detours we all take but ultimately as a believer in Christ the destination is Heaven and we want to bring as many people with us to Heaven as possible. As we go through life focusing on Christ and what He wants us to do with our life, we start riding in our own lane and getting to destinations that we are meant to arrive at.

The problems often arise when we loose our focus, drift into another lane and get off the wrong exits in life. When we start looking at what everyone else is doing or driving, we start drifting, coveting and think, “man, if I could only have their car or their life then certainly I would be better off. Maybe my journey would be so much greater if I didn’t have this clunker of a life.”

When you have those moments take a minute if you have to and if you can, get off at the next welcome center as soon as possible. Take a deep breath, stretch, walk around, clear your head and then get back on the road and back in your lane. In life this can look like calling a friend for some wise council, or maybe ending a sinful relationship, dropping an unhealthy addiction or trashing some mindsets that are stinking up your inner life.

In the Message version of Psalm 18 it says, “What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God -direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs toward him Makes it.”
Psalm 18:30 MSG

I don’t know about you, but I want to make it to my Heavenly destination and travel the smoothest straightest road as possible. Of course life will present some pot holes and detours, but if we will pay attention to the signs and stay in our own lanes then we are sure to make it to our final destinations.

So are you staying in your own lane or do you need to get off at the next exit and reset your GPS?

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