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Episode 3: So You Think You Want To Home School? You Can!- Interview with Ann Billo Mom of 9

By July 23, 2020September 6th, 2020No Comments

Do you have a large family? Are you thinking about homeschooling and wondering how it could be possible with so many kids? Do you just want to hear how large families can manage working full time and homeschooling?

In today’s interview, my good friend and mom to 9, Ann Billo, shares her tips and tricks on how she manages the logistics of a large family, working full time and homeschooling. Take a listen and feel free to share this interview with your friends.
Also you will find the links below to the resources she mentioned.

Curriculum’s Mentioned

  1. My Father’s World
  2. Math U See
  3. Teaching Textbooks Math
  4. CTC Math
  5. Apologia Science
  6. Answers in Genesis

Thanks Ann for your time and if you have any questions for Ann directly she can be found on Facebook.

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