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New Online Small Group Starting June 3 – Paige Eavenson
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Bible Study

New Online Small Group Starting June 3

By April 27, 2019No Comments

In Sick of Me, Whitney Capps shows us that spiritual growth means being both honest and holy—that we can come to Jesus just as we are, but we cannot stay that way. While virtues like vulnerability, honesty, and humility are desperately needed, we should fight for more. After all, the gospel is a change-agent.

Whitney calls us beyond trendy transparency and into something better: true transformation. If you want to be honest about all your junk, but are also sick of staying there—Sick of Me is for you.

Lady friends,

Consider this your formal invitation to join myself and many other friends this summer in a virtual small group Bible/ Book study through Whitney Capps new bible study We over Me and her book Sick of Me. The group will be on Facebook and we will begin June 3. You can click this link to request to join the private Facebook group where we will be sharing details about the study and book.

The book is optional to read, but you are going to want to get a copy or listen to it like I am on Audible.

Here’s a little info about the Bible study we will work through.

Did you know that in the first three chapters of Revelation, Jesus shared a wake-up call directed at seven churches – a wake-up call that defines what church life should look like and our responsibility in answering his call.

During this 9-session Bible study we will:
*Discover God’s ultimate desire for the church and your part in it
*Challenge your perspective of the modern church
*Learn to apply the importance of biblical community to your life

For this study, you will need a Bible and the We Over Me study guide, available at Amazon or Lifeway.

Optional material includes Whitney Capps book, Sick of Me, however this is not required reading for the bible study. (Psst…Get it anyway cause it’s AMAZING! I’m listening to it on Audible and loving it.)

The study will start on June 3, 2019.
Join the group and more info will be shared in there.

Your hosts for the study will be yours truly and my great friend Leslee Stewart of Preston Trail Community Church.

Here’s a promo video below about the study and the link to join the group is here.

We Over Me Promo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9CBO1Nr79g

More details and an agenda will be released in the Facebook group.

We can’t wait for you to join us and of course feel free to invite a friend.



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