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Episode 4: So You Think You Want to Home School? You Can! Interview with Jodi York

By July 28, 2020September 6th, 2020No Comments

Jodi York and I connected via a Facebook group we are in together. During the group introductions, Jodi mentioned she was a homeschooling mom and I immediately knew we needed to connect. Jodi is married with 2 children and her kids are currently in high school. She has a lot of great advice to share along with resources I was not familiar with. Check out our conversation and the links to the resources are below the video. Feel free to share this interview and resources with your friends.

Resources to know about:
1. The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education by Leigh Barton

2. Classical Conversations

3. Acellus Academy

4. Liberty University Online Academy


Thank you Jodi for your time and wisdom. I appreciate your insight and transparency on making it through this season of home schooling.

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