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Eliminate what you don’t want to generate.

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Generate to cause (something, especially an emotion or situation) to arise or come about. (

My kids started some camps today and had to get out of their comfort zones and meet some new friends. In case you didn’t know, I happen to like new people and making new friends, however this is not always the case for all of my children. My kids are actually pretty good at conversing with others but big crowds and new places intimidate them a little till they warm up or find a familiar face.

While they were at camp I was doing my usual of working out, cleaning, planning and listening to a message.

Today’s nugget of wisdom I gleaned was from the popular Bible teacher Beth Moore. She said, “Whatever you possess you will pass on.” Then “Eliminate what you don’t want to generate.”

If someone were to ask you to fill in the blank for the following sentence…
” I am so much like ________”

Who would you say? Your Mom, your Dad, your sibling, your grandparent?

You see, we may be so much like ______, but each day we get to choose what we want to eliminate or what we want to generate. Especially in the lives of our children and those following our example.

Whatever we possess we are going to pass on. So if I don’t want to generate fear of meeting new people or pass this on to my kids, then I have to model what it’s like to make new friends. If I want to pass on a contagious faith then I have to possess it first. If I want my kids to want to take care of their health then I have to set the example.

This son of mine pictured below is my first born and already in 12 years I have certainly passed on traits of mine that I am not proud of. When I watch him respond in ways that he learned from me I often cringe cause it sure is ugly sometimes.(Thank goodness he’s cute?)

However, I’m still here as his mom and while I still have breath in my lungs and a sound mind, then I have a choice to make. I have to eliminate what I don’t want to generate or ’cause to come about’ and I have to pick up and possess what I want to pass on.

I don’t know if this means a hill of beans to any of you, but if it does, feel free to share your thoughts or share this with a friend who may need to hear it.

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