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Dear Mom, Be Happy Not Mad

By June 5, 2019No Comments

“Dear Mom, Be happy and not mad. Love, Caris ?

I had been cleaning all morning and just noticed what these little notes from my 8 year old Caris actually say. They have been stuck on the mirror for days.

Makes me wonder how many sweet signs I’m missing cause I’m only noticing all the messes.

So Dear Moms out there, “Be happy and not mad. “We are just in a season and it really is a good one. May we not miss it because we spend so much of it mad and wishing we could hurry up and move on out of this season.

So carry on now, wash those dishes, do that laundry, wipe those boogers, pick up the toys for the 100th time, drop the teenagers off at friends and above all else be happy. ?

Your fellow Mom friend Paige

Paige Eavenson

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