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Day 4- Tween Years

By November 5, 2017No Comments

Day 4 – I am thankful for the “tween years” my big kids are in. 

Claire and Maggie the Pomapoo

If you’ve been a parent for any length of time you most likely have had someone say, “just wait till they are teenagers…you just wait…you’ll see??.” 

Well I officially have 1 teenager now and another one shortly behind the first.  Of course there are eye rolls, a little mouthyness and some complaining but overall I am so thankful for my teen, tween and these years we are in. 

My daughter Claire here is a little sister and a big sister and she truly makes my parenting job easier in so many ways. 

She is a second born so her natural temperament is sweet and go with the flow. She easily let’s her intense, leader older brother’s attitudes roll off her back and she navigates with ease the drama her little sisters stirr up. She often is the one to help the little girls get ready and calms them down when they are having a meltdown over their hair or what to wear.  

I love that as a tween she still thinks I’m somewhat cool and I love that she is growing into a kind young woman with a heart to serve and bless others. 

I of course don’t know what the next few years will unfold personality wise but I do know the power of my words that I speak about her and over her life. 

So for this season I am thankful for her being a tween. 

Thankful she still is under my roof.

Thankful she still thinks I’m somewhat “cool” to hang with. 

Thankful she helps around the house and with her siblings. 

Thankful she is old enough to do things on her own yet young enough to still look for my guidance. 

Before I know it she will be off to college, getting married and having babies of her own and this season will only be a memory. Lord help me during that season of letting her grow up and go on to the calling she has on her life. ??

So how about you? Are you enjoying the tween/teen years? 

Got any advice for me over these years? Feel free to share it. 

If you are alone navigating the Tween/Teen years please let me know. I have a support group on Facebook for mom’s in this season. You are welcome to join us. Here is the link to join

M.O.T.S -Mom’s of Tweens and Teens



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