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Corrie’s Pajama Drive

By January 26, 2021No Comments

For those new around here, my daughter Corrie had a liver transplant when she was 2 years old. She is quickly approaching her 6-year liver transplant anniversary on Feb. 5th. In honor of that momentous occasion, we like to give back and one of the most fun ways we get to do that is to give away pajamas to kids in the hospital.

Often times when Corrie was younger she would spike a fever out of nowhere and we would have to go to the hospital at a moment’s notice. Sometimes we would have time to pack a bag and some times we just had to go with the clothes we had.  If you have ever had to stay in the hospital you know about those “lovely” hospital gowns. Let’s just say they are less than attractive and certainly don’t feel cozy when you are already feeling bad. Corrie sported those hospital pj’s on more than one occasion, and so some of our favorite gifts from others were a new pair of pajamas. When Corrie was healed from her transplant, I wanted to give back in some way to other kids and families that found themselves in the hospital. Thus the pajama drive was born.

I discovered that every January-February was actually the perfect time to buy up all the pj’s that never sold over the Christmas holiday. Many stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls, or Carter’s would have pajamas on sale and they would get cheaper and cheaper in the month of January as the stores were clearing out their inventory. Corrie loves to shop and I love having her help as well as teaching her it truly is a bigger blessing to give than it is to receive. Corrie and I somehow have been blessed with lots of great friends, and they are what is behind us being able to reach our goals each year of giving away a ton of pj’s.

We never want anyone to be left out of this kind of fun, so if you would like to join us this year in reaching our goal of giving away 1,000 pairs of pajamas then please join us. You can shop on your own and find the best deals then mail the pajamas to

Corrie Eavenson
225 Point Rd. 

Seneca, Sc 29672 or

16122 Vanderbilt Dr. Odessa, Fl 33556 (This is my parents and we will deliver PJ’s sent to them to St. Joseph’s Hospital in FL)

Or Corrie and I will shop for you. 
Venmo – @Elizabeth-Eavenson
Paypal – or
Cash App – $paigeeavenson

A few years ago USA Today Humankind put together this awesome video about the Pajama Drive. Take a look and for more updates on the Pajama Drive be sure to “like” and “follow” Corrie’s Story on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you friends for helping us give back!


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