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30 Days of Thanks – Paige Eavenson
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30 Days of Thanks

By November 2, 2017No Comments



For the past few years I have purposed to be more thankful throughout the month of November. 

By this time of year, the stress and busyness of the holidays approaching and all that needs to be done, can lead me to feeling overwhelmed more than grateful. 

The best remedy I have found to fix my bad attitudes and overcome overwhelm is to start giving thanks. So for the next 30 days I will be sharing something each day that I am thankful for. 

The scripture says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18

“in every situation [no matter what the circumstances] be thankful and continually give thanks to God; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”



On day 1 of this month and of this challenge I am thankful for God’s provisions and laughter. 

On Halloween in the small town of Clemson, SC every year they have what’s called Boo on Main. The kids and some parents dress up to go walk down main street and all the shop owners come to their door fronts and pass out candy. 

It’s good clean fun and a safe place to trick or treat in the late afternoon. I know not everyone let’s their kids go trick or treating and this is not a post to debate that stuff, but rather to share some good that can happen on a day meant for evil or the  powers of darkness. 

My girls wanted to dress up as Ariel from the little mermaid, a Unicorn and a granny. I procrastinated in getting costumes because I had a bunch of more important things to deal with and costumes honestly aggravate me. 

I can never find the right thing and I feel like they are kind of a waste of money. If I’m going to get the kids a costume it’s most likely not going to cost much or will be homemade. 

So this year at the last minute our friend Irina let us borrow one of her daughter Peyton’s old dance costumes, and thanks to a crafty mom on Pinterest, I was able to find how to make Caris a Unicorn headband. The end result was probably not my best work but she felt pretty and festive for trick or treating. 

I then found the last Ariel costume in Corrie’s size at Wal-Mart. She’s only 4 and thankfully was thrilled with my find. 
MY oldest daughter Claire stopped by the local Salvation Army and for under $5 found her a “granny” costume to wear with her other “granny” friend Sara Beth and their nurse Elli from “End of the road nursing home.”?

I found my old letter jacket from high school, my alter ego, Sadie Doogood’s, wig and some Billy Bob teeth and off we went.
In my best southern drawwwwwlllll I said “Hey Ya’ll” to as many people as I could and encouraged  them with a little laughter. People don’t quite know how to react when they see Sadie walking down the street so all they usually do is start laughing. Which is fine by me cause I truly believe laughter is some of the best medicine. 

So on this November 1, 2017 I am thankful for even the small provisions of costumes and the gift of laughter. 

What about you? What are you thankful for? 

Feel free to comment below or share this post and join the Thankfulness challenge. 

Let’s all do ourselves and the world around us a favor and become more thankful. 

Even if it’s just a “small thing.”



Paige Eavenson

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